Welcome to the Jlime software repository

(to understand what a software repository is look here)

HP Jornada 620 / 660 / 680 / 690

Jlime : Shrek, Donkey, Vargtass

Jlime subproject ports : Shlack (Slackware 10.2), Manfred (Debian Potato)

HP Jornada 710 / 720 / 728 / NEC MobilePro 900c

Jlime: Mongo (new repository), Mongo (old repository)

Note that MobilePro 900c users should use the Mongo repository also (since they are binary compatible)

It is recomended you use Jlime's included "opkg" (or "ipkg", depending which version of Jlime you're using) application and install
applications automatically with "opkg install <package-name>", where "<package-name>" is the name of the application
you want to use. For more information please read our wiki on jlime.com.